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We embark on a journey to explore a new era of Japanese wine and cuisine, where passion for wine and food becomes a shared experience in your favorite, laid-back setting. We’ve curated a selection of wines that strike an exceptional balance between quality and price, perfectly paired with world-inspired fusion dishes that promise to elevate your dining experience.
With a commitment to making every moment special, our team dedicates their heart and soul to ensure you and your loved ones enjoy unforgettable times together. Welcome to MATT, where the love for wine and cuisine brings people together in the spirit of discovery and enjoyment.

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MATT is on a mission to redefine the “JAPAN” brand, by integrating cultures and tastes from around the world into our cuisine and spaces. Our dedication to hosting a variety of events serves as a catalyst for continuously providing a fresh take on Japanese food culture. This initiative is not just about offering new culinary experiences; it’s about crafting a new narrative for Japanese culture, one that embraces global influences while celebrating the richness of our traditions. Join us in this exciting journey as we reimagine what Japanese cuisine can be, blending tradition with global innovation to create something truly unique.

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