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Discover New Japan with MATT

MATT is deeply committed to environmental conservation, honoring traditional cultures, and preserving historical roots. Our Asian culinary culture, for instance, often traces its origins back to China, while the roots of Japan’s celebrated natural beauty and the spirit of hospitality stem from regional traditional cultures. MATT places the highest value on the local culture and inspiration from neighboring regions. We invite you to indulge in a dining experience that embodies the MATT concept, where you can truly appreciate the fusion of traditional influences and culinary innovation.


April 2024 – MATT KYOTO

In the season of cherry blossoms, MATT RESTAURANT 2.0 has opened its doors in Kyoto, a city with deep historical roots and unrivaled beauty in Japan. Amidst picturesque scenes that seem lifted from a painting, we invite you to immerse yourself in the world of MATT. To celebrate our opening, we are offering special deals on select wines. Come and experience the blend of tradition and modernity that MATT Kyoto has to offer, all while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of cherry blossom season in one of Japan’s most storied cities.

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May 2024 – Remarkable Kickoff

The newly opened “MATT RESTAURANT 2.0” in Kyoto has quickly become a major hit among international tourists, just one month after its opening. Renowned personalities, including Germany’s top model Stefanie Giesinger, have been visiting daily, sharing their extraordinary dining experiences on social media. Enjoy the traditional and natural beauty of Kyoto during the day and experience a new side of Japan at MATT in the evening.

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