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Dear All Guests,

As the cherry blossoms herald the arrival of spring, we are thrilled and honored to announce the opening of MATT RESTAURANT 2.0 in Kyoto, the heart of Japan’s historical and cultural heritage. Our philosophy at MATT has always been to harmonize with the local culture and environment, drawing inspiration from tradition while embracing innovation. Kyoto, with its ancient roots and breathtaking natural beauty, provides the perfect backdrop for our culinary journey. We invite you to MATT RESTAURANT 2.0 to experience a dining adventure where the past and present converge, with each dish telling a story of flavors, traditions, and innovation. In celebration of our opening, we are offering rare wines at special prices, usually not available to the public. We look forward to welcoming you to MATT RESTAURANT 2.0, where the essence of Kyoto’s beauty and the spirit of its seasons are intricately woven into every detail.

Warm regards,
All the staff of MATT RESTAURANT 2.0



Yuzu Wine

yuzu / honey

1,800 ⇒ 1,600

Domaine Raison Merrimelo Blanc

pineapple / muscat / mint / hamné

1,900 ⇒ 1,700

Samurai Sauvignon

lemongrass / chives / herbs

6,500 ⇒ 4,700


Blanc de Yoichi Cuvée Gastronomic

white rose / fragrant olive

34,000 ⇒ 19,000

Clémence Méthode Tradicionnelle

green apple / white peach

29,000 ⇒ 24,000

Samurai Sauvignon

lemongrass / chives / herbs

42,000 ⇒ 31,000