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Drawing inspiration from a blend of global cultures and the richness of Japanese traditions, MATT embarks on an ambitious journey to redefine the essence of “JAPAN” as a brand. At the heart of our mission lies a profound passion for wine and cuisine, inviting you to explore a new era of Japanese dining where every sip and bite becomes a shared experience in your preferred, relaxed ambiance.
MATT prides itself on curating a selection of wines that epitomize an exceptional harmony between quality and affordability, each meticulously paired with world-inspired fusion dishes designed to elevate your dining experience to new heights. Our commitment extends beyond the culinary, it’s about weaving unforgettable moments into the fabric of your daily life. Our dedicated team pours their heart and soul into ensuring that you and your loved ones cherish memorable times together, making every moment special.


Japan has cherished its rich history and culture, originating from the Jomon period and evolving through eras marked by the spread of Buddhism, the flourish of the aristocracy, the rise of the samurai, and the development of diverse cultural practices, ultimately leading to its unification as a nation.
Following the Meiji Restoration and World War II, Japan established its status as a modern advanced country, proudly presenting its unique blend of tradition and innovation to the world. Yet, harmonizing these elements presents a significant challenge. Significant periods of transformation have seen the incorporation of foreign technologies and cultures, propelling modernization while striving to preserve Japan’s unique traditions and values. In today’s age, marked by the widespread use of social media, this challenge has become increasingly significant for the nation.
Meanwhile, the economic growth of Thailand and the global acclaim of industries in neighboring South Korea serve as substantial inspiration for us Japanese. At MATT, we draw inspiration from the strengths of various countries to discover a new Japan, embracing the sentiment that, with new horizons come new opportunities.


MATT’s sommeliers and members traverse Japan from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, visiting wineries to engage directly with producers and secure premium Japanese wines that are often unattainable through regular channels. With a curated selection of over 120 types of Japanese wine, MATT provides its guests the opportunity to taste these exquisite selections. Placing a strong emphasis on customer experience, MATT strives to ensure that every visitor is satisfied with a premium Japanese wine experience tailored to their individual preferences, embodying the spirit of meticulous attention to detail and a passion for delivering unparalleled experiences.


Positioned in the heart of Kyoto, Karasuma Street aligns with the historical Karasuma Koji of Heian-kyo. Following the opening of Kyoto Station in the tenth year of Meiji (1877), the street underwent expansion and improvement in 1912 as part of Kyoto City’s three major projects, including the laying of tramlines. During the enthronement ceremonies of Emperor Taisho and Emperor Showa, it transformed into the “Gyoko-dori,” a route from Kyoto Station to the Imperial Palace. Today, beneath this historic Gyoko-dori lies MATT RESTAURANT 2.0. The interior design of RESTAURANT 2.0, alongside its Japanese wine and cuisine, is steering a new era of Japanese culture.