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Careers at MATT

In 2023, MATT was established in Kyoto, a city in Japan renowned for its deep historical roots.
MATT has always aimed to offer an experience that surpasses the pinnacle of food and wine service.
We believe that the brand services provided by MATT are paving the way for a new era in Japan.

Our People

Our people

Crafting such environments requires an understanding of the global strengths of Japanese brands,
mirroring the commitment and attention to detail seen in the realms of hospitality and luxury lifestyle.
That is not something that can be achieved simply or by taking shortcuts; it requires that everyone who works
with MATT is boundlessly imaginative, obsessive about the small things, and passionately in love with the work that they do.

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Our culture

MATT unites our customers and staff in creating unparalleled new culinary experiences, fostering a unique space where everyone contributes as one. Rooted in our identity as a representative of Japanese companies on the global stage, MATT commits to offering salary levels that match global standards, emphasizing our dedication to revitalizing the stagnating Japanese economy.
the commitment is a testament to our determination to reclaim the economic vibrancy of Japan. Our corporate culture is anchored by three core values that support our aspirations and mirror our convictions. These principles are the essence of our identity, guiding our judgment of what is important, in work as in life. They are not just pivotal for our growth but are also instrumental in crafting the future we desire to live in—a future where we not only excel in the culinary world but also contribute significantly to the economic resurgence of Japan.

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