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Detail red Samurai Sauvignon

Hokkaido / Red

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Samurai Sauvignon

Yubarigun Naganumacho, Hokkaido


The world’s first transparent red wine.The wine is inspired by orange wine and has the best aroma and aftertaste. The aroma is composed of a refreshing top nose reminiscent of spring in the island nation of Japan and the ultimate aroma of Japanese grapes after swirling.The aftertaste adds a touch of luxury reminiscent of traditional Japanese green tea, expressing a gorgeousness that is not lacking even when drunk on its own. It is a perfect match not only for sushi, but also for meat dishes.

Product Details
  • Category : Red
  • Area : Hokkaido
  • Variety : Niagara (Hokkaido)
  • Alcohol : 11.5%
  • Volume : 700ml
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